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ColdFusion, SQL, Javascript, Java Programming


A Career in Data Processing

My first computer experience was in 1963 as an undergraduate at Georgia Tech. Working with a professor in the Electrical Engineering department, I programmed the "Optimization of Symmetrical Partitions." This was later used for the optimal arrangement of electrical cores.

At Bell Laboratories, I was assigned to the Submarine Cable department and programmed simulations of electrical coronas (sparks) in submarine repeaters (amplifiers).

At Data, Inc, I worked with programming team designing a electrical component catalog storage and computer photocomposition output system in IBM mainframe assembler code. I later designed and programmed a subscription fulfillment system in COBOL.

Starting my own business in 1981, I did system programming for IBM mainframes using the DOS/VSE operating system. Later, I wrote two programs for the personnel computer: Index Manager®, written in pc assembler code, this was one of the first B+ tree file indexes for BASIC and C programmers, and Stock Partner®, a fundamental stock investment analyzer written in Foxpro. Today I specialize in Internet programming using Coldfusion, SQL, and Javascript. Using these tools, I help developer a web site for legal automobile advertising (not currently online) and a web site for bank real estate insurance processing.

My lastest project is Chochmah™, a Hebrew date scheduler for BlackBerry phones which was implemented using BlackBerry Java.


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Master of Science, New York University


1982 - Present: CDP Consultants - specializing in IBM DOS/VSE System Programming, PC Software in ASM, BASIC, C++, FoxPro, Internet Software in ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL Server, Website Administration

Products include:

1974 - 1982: Director of Data Processing, Cordura Publications, Inc., San Diego, CA

1968 - 1974: Data Processing Manager, D.A.T.A., Inc., Orange, New Jersey

1964 - 1968: Member of Technical Staff, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey


INTERNET PROGRAMMING Website design and programming and administration using ColdFusion, JavaScript, Access, and SQL.

IBM 7094 COMPUTER Scientific programming for the design and simulation of electronic equipment.

IBM 360/30 COMPUTER Design and implementation of computer photocomposition system. Design and implementation of Mail Order Oriented Subscription Fulfillment System.

BURROUGHS 2500 COMPUTER Design and implementation of salesmen oriented subscription fulfillment system.

DATAPOINT 5500 COMPUTER Design and implementation of subscription fulfillment data entry system. Implementation of accounts payable/ general ledger system. Design and implementation of assembler language disk to magnetic tape conversion system.

IBM 360/50 COMPUTER Major conversion of Burroughs to IBM System. IBM 4300 COMPUTER Conversion of 360 to 4300 Systems. Installation and maintenance of IBM Batch Interactive System Software. Installation and maintenance of IBM Data Base/Data Communication system software including CICS, DL/I, DMS, and SQL. Design and implementation of a large auto parts DL/I data base.

S100 MICROCOMPUTER Built and implemented 15 board S100 microcomputer system. Designed and implemented unique 8080 operating system. Designed and implemented CP/M oriented data base management system. Designed and implemented CP/M oriented communication system for file and interactive communication. Designed and implemented remote interactive sales order entry communications system.


Qualified Installer of ACCPAC PLUS accounting software from Computer Associates.

Author and publisher of Index Manager® an 80 page assembler program which adds B+ tree file indexing capability to IBM PC programming languages such as BASIC and C. Index Manager is sold to PC programmers worldwide.

Author and publisher of Stock Partner® - IBM PC Stock Analysis software located at

Author and publisher of Chochmah™ - a Hebrew date scheduler for BlackBerry located at

PUBLICATIONS Electrical Corona Handbook, Bell Telephone Laboratories

Subscription Fulfillment System handbooks for custom designed systems

"The Computer Communication Explosion" S 100 Microsystems

Index Manager User's Guide

Stock Partner Microsoft HTML Help Program


Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society

Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society

Tau Beta Pi Honor Society

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

San Diego Computer Society

Independent Computer Consultants Association Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION Certificate in Data Processing, awarded by the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals.

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